Precast wall prices correct as of 01/01/2020. Our prices are VAT inclusive.

For  Pretoria wall price list queries please phone Renier at

082 950 1980 or e-mail us at

Alfa Concrete Walls Fully does nstalltions in Pretoria, Midrand and Bronkhorstspruit,

Price list is per meter installed on the clear open line;

Grey Louver Type precast concrete walls instalation , VAT Inc.

1.8 Meters high wall  R515.00/m

2.1 Meters high wall  R570.00/m

2.4 Meters high wall  R625.00/m


Semi-clinker Precast wall instalation, VAT Inc.

1.8 Meters High   R710.00/m

2.1 Meters High   R799.00/m

2.4 Meters High   R890.00/m


Brick Crete Bi-sided walling price instalation, VAT Inc. (Cap rail R70 p/m extra)

1.8 Meters high   R710.00/m

2.1 Meters high   R799.00/m

2.4 Meters high   R890.00/m


Wood Crete/Stone Crete Bi-Sided wall  installation VAT Inc.

1.8 Meters high   R890.00/m

2.1 Meters high   R960.00/m

2.4 Meters high   R1050.00/m


Precast slabs per unit collected from factory.

Standard size Louver/Block brick type slabs R 60.00 VAT Inc. (1.44m x 305mm)

Double size type slab                                        R 120.00. VAT Inc.  ( 1.44m x 600mm)


Grey precast polesand pillar price list ex-factory.

2.3m long     (for 1.8m tall wall )   R160.00

2.6m long     (for 2.1m tall wall )   R185.00

3.0m long     (for 2.4m tall wall )   R 210.00 VAT Inc.



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